There Is No Failure, Only Feedback

Failure is not opposite of success; it’s part of success.”
~ Ariana Huffington ~


I use quite often the NLP (Neuro-linguist Programming) presupposition “There Is No Failure, Only Feedback”  This presupposition is centered around learning from ones choices that do not work out.  As I look at some of the trials and tribulations of my life I now think of each choice I made as; did it work or did it not.  What did I learn from the feedback from making that choice.

If I take a test and receive a score that is considered below the passing grade, did I fail the test?  Society loves to use labels which can provide a negative context. When I hear this “you failed your test” I can choose to feel like a failure,  or…. I can chose to analyze the reason(s) I did not achieve a passing grade or the grade I had hoped for.  Did I choose to not study the material enough?  Did I have the incorrect information?  There can be several reasons;  each one I discover is feedback which I can choose to learn from.