I’ve known Ira for over 20 years, and been working with him for the last year in a coaching capacity. I will say without reservation that he has helped me on my journey immensely and would recommend working with him to anyone looking to improve or enrich their tool set for dealing with the challenges life throws our way.


Life coaching with Ira is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done! He equipped me with the resources to make my best life. With practice and repetition, I learn how to communicate effectively and be accountable. My favorite aspect of life coaching is that it taught me that I am in the “driver’s seat” of my life. I previously had a victim mindset. Those days are long gone! Thanks Ira!


When I made the choice to have a life coach, my purpose was to improve my management skills in my career.  Over the past three years I have grown in every area of my life; not just my career.  I feel I am a better mother, friend, spouse and person to myself.  It is an amazing feeling when you see life with more clarity, understanding of yourself and others, and have a confidence above what you thought you could.  I would and do highly recommend everyone to just try it and see what differences you can experience.  Thank you Ira and I look forward to our next session!!  Rochelle A   

I encourage anyone who desires to create a life filled with results that matter to get a very clear vision and implement steps with a commitment level that makes that change happen!

Ira models leadership  and accountability and provides guidance, feedback, homework assignments and follow up, all of which have assisted me in transforming my life in every aspect with regard to relationships, career, finances, spirituality and personal development. 

Ira stands in excellence as my life and family coach and I highly recommend his service. 

Melodi Leavitt

I believe that your coaching makes me aware of the issues my girls are going through and challenges they will face down the road. A ton of the issues they deal with on a daily basis I am totally oblivious too and your coaching opens my eyes to those struggles and successes. 
Your coaching also opens up a world of opportunities in allowing my wife and I to help our daughters through your exercises, strategies and methods. Whether it’s the Bradshaw Method, empathetic listening or our Family Values, it’s wonderful to learn of different ways to allow our girls to talk to us more openly and encourage them to be strong, self-sufficient and value-oriented young women. 
Warm Regards,

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William Foster

Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from being coached by Ira have been that the tools for “skillful execution” have to be learned, and that sometimes when you focus on one area of your life, a shift in energy happens and another area that you planned on working on later can blossom unexpectedly!  I have been utilizing what he taught me about communicating effectively, and my relationships with my loved ones are stronger than ever.  Ira, thank you for your time, attention to detail and for making me get uncomfortable enough to make some productive changes in my life! 

I am a grateful, beautiful and loving woman. ~Sara Ansara

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