Just as the seed grows with the warmth of the sun, so do our positive qualities grow when we put our attention on them.
~ Arielle Ford ~


 Good Morning,  I read the quote above and thought about affirmations.  There are several definitions of the word “Affirmation”  – the action of affirming something or being affirmed, emotional support or encouragement – the act of affirming.  The word Affirm is defined by “Validate, Confirm” or “to assert” and “to show or express a strong belief in or dedication to something. 


 Several years ago I attended a seminar where the participants developed their own personal affirmation of who they are.  My affirmation is; I AM A STRONG, CONFIDENT, CARING, LOVING MAN.  Each one of the adjectives, Strong, Confident, Caring and Loving are things I want more of myself in my life.  Some of you may have been introduced to your personal affirmation either through coaching or a seminar you attended.  My affirmation keeps me grounded in being who I am.  When I am having a tough day or going through tough times I say my affirmation, as it puts my attention on my positive qualities.


For those of you that have worked with me to develop your own personal affirmation you know that when you say it out loud my response is always going to be “YES YOU ARE!”.  The words yes you are, validate and confirm your affirmation of who you are, and express my strong belief in you! 



Affirmations are very powerful and when used over time will provide positive change in your life.  Here are a few affirmations from Boaz (www.boazpower.com), a speaker I have had the pleasure of seeing in person:

 ·        “I always do the most valuable things first and quickly”

·        “ I guard my mind against negative thoughts, focus on positives, and make good things happen”

·        “I’ve identified my one most important goal and I’m taking daily steps to achieve that goal!”

 Place your attention on your positive qualities and the qualities of others and re-affirm yourself often.


 If you are interested in developing your personal affirmation, it would be my pleasure to assist you!