Are You Living Your Life At Affect, or At Cause

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
~ Carl Gustav Jung ~


Are You Living Your Life At Affect, or At Cause.

If I live my life at affect I am a product of my circumstances, I let the circumstances around me dictate what happens to me.  I choose to live my life at cause, “I am what I choose to be”.  Another way of saying it; “I choose to live by choice not by chance”  If I am in creation of my life, making choices to take action steps towards my goals and dreams, I leave nothing to chance.  I am in the directors chair, making choices and being accountable to those choices.

If I choose to pursue a dream or reach a goal and it doesn’t work out, I reflect on what I learned and move on.  I choose not to blame anyone nor myself, as I know that playing the victim is just an excuse for not getting the results I wanted.  I get to look at my intention and my commitment to reaching my goals or dreams. 

How are you living your life?